Welcome to Ledbury Places!

At the heart of Ledbury is a group of historic buildings which play a major part in giving the town its unique character. Until recently they faced an uncertain future as many were underused and needing renovation, but unable to generate enough income to cover either their everyday costs or long term care.

Now three of these buildings have come under the ownership of Ledbury Places either as part of the Government’s Community Asset Transfer Scheme, or, in the case of the Barrett Browning Institute, as a direct transfer of ownership.

The three buildings are:
• Barrett Browning Institute
• Burgage Hall
• Old Grammar School (housing the Heritage Centre)

Our mission is to create a sustainable future for these buildings which keeps them in the ownership of the town for the use and benefit of the people who live here.

Ledbury Places is a charitable organisation and a company limited by guarantee. It is managed by a group of volunteer trustees and supported by its members. It is also works closely with:
Ledbury Civic Society 
Ledbury Area Development Trust 

Thinking Of Joining Ledbury Places?

Ledbury Places is an organisation created by and made up of people living in and around the town. We are committed to revitalising the buildings in our charge in line with the needs of the people who live here. Your opinions and support are vital to us, and we encourage you to join us and have your say.

Membership starts from as little as £12.

Download the membership form HERE.

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