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Ledbury Places and Ledbury Poetry Festival join forces

Barrett Browning Institute building to be new home for Ledbury Poetry Festival

Ledbury Places is pleased to announce that discussions with Ledbury Poetry Festival have
secured a long-term agreement for the arts organisation to occupy the Barrett Browning
Institute from 2020. This will depend on the availability of grant funding and should result
in Ledbury Places securing a sustainable future for the building in line with the requirements
of the original founders of the Barrett Browning Institute Trust. It will also enable Ledbury
Poetry Festival to attain a greater visibility in the town and beyond, as well as a performance
space, which will enable a range of events and activities to be mounted throughout the

Iconic Buildings – History

Given the strategic importance of this iconic building at the centre of the town, careful consideration has had to be given to the need to secure capital funds to finance the significant structural and refurbishment costs and to secure long term reliable rental income streams from suitable potential tenants. For the last three years the Ledbury Youth Group
has been using the building for two evenings a week and Ledbury Places is proud to have been able to support them in this way. We are in discussions with Ledbury Youth Activities. Support, who run the Youth Group, which we hope will enable them to continue using the
building until refurbishment work begins, which is unlikely to be before the summer of 2020.

Increase visitors to Ledbury

We hope that the enormous visitor profile that this new arrangement will bring to Ledbury
should also help our two organisations to work with Herefordshire Council and Ledbury Town Council to promote the town nationally and internationally, increasing footfall and
trade throughout the year to the benefit of all its traders, residents and the wider area of

Peter Arscott, chairman of Ledbury Poetry Festival said “This is a project with great potential
and we are looking forward to working in partnership with Ledbury Places and other
community organisations to make the Barrett Browning Institute building a hive of activity.
It will benefit so many people in the community and beyond."

Mark Waller, chairman of Ledbury Places added “We are delighted to be partnering with
Ledbury Poetry Festival and look forward to returning the Barrett Browning Institute
building to its former glory at the centre of our community.

Ledbury Places – Heritage

At the heart of Ledbury is a group of historic buildings which play a major part in giving the town its unique character. Until recently they faced an uncertain future as many were underused and needing renovation, but unable to generate enough income to cover either their everyday costs or long term care.

Now three of these buildings have come under the ownership of Ledbury Places either as part of the Government’s Community Asset Transfer Scheme, or, in the case of the Barrett Browning Institute, as a direct transfer of ownership.

The three buildings are:
• Barrett Browning Institute
• Burgage Hall
• Old Grammar School (housing the Heritage Centre)

Our mission is to create a sustainable future for these buildings which keeps them in the ownership of the town for the use and benefit of the people who live here.

Ledbury Places is a charitable organisation and a company limited by guarantee. It is managed by a group of volunteer trustees and supported by its members. It is also works closely with:
Ledbury Civic Society 
Ledbury Area Development Trust 

Thinking Of Joining Ledbury Places?

Ledbury Places is an organisation created by and made up of people living in and around the town. We are committed to revitalising the buildings in our charge in line with the needs of the people who live here. Your opinions and support are vital to us, and we encourage you to join us and have your say.

Membership starts from as little as £12.

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