Forthcoming Events

March 23rd – Heritage Centre ‘Drop In’

The Heritage Centre, Church Lane, Ledbury

Residents from Ledbury and District are invited to ‘drop in’ at the Heritage

Centre in Church Lane Ledbury on Saturday 23rd March between 10.00 and

2.00 and talk to volunteers who staff the museum 7 days a week for 7 months

of the year. Hear about some of the developments that are taking place – the

oral history project, a programme of children’s activities and research into the

use of the buildings in the Homend over the last 150 years. Tea, coffee and

refreshments will be provided.

The Heritage Centre will be opening this year on Monday 1 st April. Last year

we had nearly 24,000 visitors coming from all parts of the globe. Visitors

particularly enjoy the atmosphere of the building, the huge chimney, the

construction of the building itself and the friendliness of the volunteers.

It goes without saying that the building can only be open throughout the

season as a result of the efforts of our wonderful band of volunteers. There

are over 50 at present but we have a few gaps to fill for the coming season.

Support is provided and you don’t have to be an expert to play a valuable role

at the Heritage Centre. If you have time on your hands and are looking to

make a very worthwhile contribution to Ledbury and its heritage, please drop

in and see us on March 23rd or ring 01531 633637 for further details.

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