Heritage Centre News Update
September 2019

More Jam!

You will be delighted to hear that Ann Stanier has just delivered a new supply of delicious jams, jellies and chutneys to the Heritage Centre. As well as the delicious flavours we had last year there are two new flavours; a greengage jam and a yellow plum jam.

These preserves are all made from fruit grown at Dragon Orchard in Putley, they could hardly be more local. They are competitively priced at £3.95 per jar, so hurry along, they flew off the shelves last time!

Educational and fun gifts at the Heritage Centre

The growing range of gifts available in the Heritage Centre now includes some fascinating games from the Historic Games Company. These range of five beautifully crafted and historically accurate games include Nine Mens Morris, a relatively simple strategy game for two players. The game was almost certainly known by the Romans, and was possibly the most commonly played board game in Europe throughout the medieval and Tudor periods, with many examples of boards scratched into stonework, on wooden pews or seats as in the case of Westminster Abbey and even on the top of a barrel on the Mary Rose! The game is even referred to by Shakespeare in A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

There is also a Medieval Counting Board, which, long before the computer and even before modern numerals were widely accepted, was used to make calculations. Using the board and counters in this tube you will be able to add and subtract, multiply and divide in the medieval way.

If card games are your thing, there is a reproduction of a Fifteenth Century pack of cards. Early playing cards dating back this far are rare, and the decks that have survived are mostly fragmentary. The design for these has been taken from what survives of incomplete decks, together with woodcut illustrations of the same artistic style and date.

All the games come in a handy tube (easy to post) and have a full set of instructions as well as some history – the ideal present!

Stop Press

Ledbury Places is designing and selling it’s own Christmas cards this year, with all proceeds going to support the upkeep of the Heritage Centre. They should be available towards the end of September, so watch this space!

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