Can you help?

Ledbury Places is looking for support in all sorts of ways.  If you, or someone you know, has experience of any of the following, please send the information back with your membership form by post, or email us at

We are always looking for help in these specific areas:

  • Fund raising
  • Applying for grants of any kind
  • Managing building works projects
  • Handling publicity & marketing
  • Event management
  • Managing a website
  • Using social media: Facebook, Twitter etc
  • Working with volunteer groups
  • Book publication
  • Infographics – the visual interpretation of statistics

Looking for local business support

Do you have any contacts within local businesses, large or small, who we could approach for sponsorship?  This could be from small donations to the funding of specific projects.  Or it could be through community involvement – staff giving their time as volunteers on a project for example.  If you do, please send us their details with your membership form, or email us at

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