Become a Friend

Ledbury Places has a membership scheme supported by many people in the town. All members are invited to attend the AGM, and to help plan the future of the buildings. Ledbury Places has held several Members Events and plan to put on more in the future to encourage support and to raise funds.

Our Members are key to our success. They not only provide financial support, but also contribute ideas and knowledge to help shape the future of the charity. We hope that in the future a range of membership options, such as a Corporate Membership Scheme, will engage more people in the town and beyond.

We would like to join us and have a say in the future of these buildings.

Joining as a Member

You can join as an individual for £12 for one year.

We also offer a joint membership, for two people living at the same address, for £20 for the year.

There are also life membership options. Click the button to select your membership.